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10 songs in esperanto, CD audio format.
The disc was produced in Moscow in 1990, by the music production company "Melodija" which was owned then by the goverment. All music on the disc is written by Vladimir Soroka.

It was a really big project with very many participants from many countries in the world.

All the lyrics are found on the backside of the cover.
This album is also available in the audio tape format and as the LP disk.
1   Kiulingve
2   Se en vivo
3   Sinjoro Makuku
4   Nokto ploras
5   Du haltejoj
6   Flugas mevoj
7   Ie-ie
8   Din-don
9   Hirosimo
10  Destin’

Listen to some songs from this album

Kiu lingve mi devas paroli

text by J. Rubinova, music by
V. Soroka

Sinjoro Makuku

text and music by V. Soroka

Du haltejoj

text and music by V. Soroka