Our group members

A little story of the group
Nata Bertse
Nata sings and plays the guitar, and she is always ready to go for a performance or an esperanto congress. If there isn't any good occasion like those she is ready to travel somewhere. And, even if that's not possible, she can always enjoy a good book.

But, seriously speaking, she loves french and sings many songs in french. She is actually a teacher of french. And one interesting thing more: she is one of not so many people in the world that are educated in esperanto at university level! It happened in the well-known Tartu university.



Andreo Bertse
Andreo sings and plays some music instruments for example piano, guitar and accordion.
Sometimes he writes music but more often he does music arrangements and recordings of music written by others.
Because there are so many things in the modern world that can be done by computers he is professional even in this.
His real name Andrej sounds in the esperanto world as Andreo, and in Sweden they know him as Anders.
Kaj Stridell
When it comes to music, he has been playing for many years and is a real professional. He successfully does many things: he sings in several languages, plays many music instruments and so on...
He is also a member of the known swedish jazz group "Trattbandet".
And he does the radio broadcasts of jazz music and likes the amateur radio systems.
Olesia Bertse
Olesia is the beginner in the group but her participating is really appreciated. She has a professional music education and she plays the violin and sings.
Hopefully she will have a possibility to continue her activity in the group.

A little story of the group