The ensemble "Diverslingve" sings in several languages and that's why its name is like it is.
Esperanto is one of the favorite languages of the group but even french, german, italian, latvian, russian, ukrainian and more...
On the photo: the concert in the Vesterås concert house, Sweden.


New CD
  A new CD is coming soon! It is a new CD version of the before released tape "Kantu Ni Kune". Can be ordered already. If you are interested, please contact us. The 'contact us' link on the left site of this page is fully usable.
The feedback in VLT
After the koncert in Vesterås koncert house, the VLT has published an article about the arrangement.
Members of the group
During the two last years the group was really growing. The new member became saxophone and bass player Kaj Stridell. He is a very experienced musician but that's not all, he speaks a good esperanto, too!
And another person who began to play in the group is Olesia, the daughter of the main artists of the group, Andreo and Natalia Bertse. 
A little about the groups history
Nata tells about the Diverslingve history. You will find her story here.

Rollion Data Fest med dragspel Webb album - Lucia i Lilla Akademien, Stockholm