The ensemble history

Nata tells:
How is a music group usually formed? Well, there is not maybe an exact answer to that but we can imagine that two-three musicians decide to play together. We chose another path. When I and Andreo got together it wasn't for the music in the first place.
But we are both musicians and esperantists and it became natural to us to sing for our friends during different esperanto events. We improvised concerts and added more and more songs from different countries.
After fate brought us to Sweden, we got more in touch with local esperantists. We taught Esperanto in different places and we always used singing in our teaching.
After a while we got the idea to tape a few songs to make the teaching easier and to get more variations in it. We recorded a few tapes that got popular amongst the esperantists.
We got invited to different festivals, gatherings, events and congresses. That way, the duo "Diverslingve" was born. The name came naturally since we sing songs in different languages from different countries, not just in Esperanto.
In later years, we've been playing with a brilliant saxophone and bass player, Kaj Stridell. Recently our group got it's 4th member, our eldest daugther Olesia. She completes the program with her violin and, of course, her singing.